An Open Letter to Senator Rand Paul, Republican/KY

Hello Everyone:

I wrote Sen. Paul an e-mail, because his office has stopped picking up their phone for calls from voters and his voicemail box is full, asking him to support the movement within the Senate to investigate Donald Trump’s collusion with Russian spy services to subvert the American election the way Russia has corrupted or sought to corrupt elections throughout the free world.  In exchange, I got a newsletter ignoring my original concerns, and instead praising Sen. Paul’s efforts to weaken environmental protections (enjoy your leaded water!), to “broaden the tax base” by shifting taxes away from the rich and onto the middle class and the poor, and to ram through even the least competent of #Dolt45’s Cabinet appointees without even a tenth of the “extreme vetting” that seems appropriate for a Syrian infant escaping bombing by Russian jets.

I attempted to respond to Sen Paul’s newsletter, but, big surprise, the reply bounced.  It seems he doesn’t want to hear from his constituents in that manner either; he only wants us to shut up and listen.  Rather than let my efforts go totally to waste, I’m posting my reply to him here.

Dear Sen. Rand Paul, and whatever staffer might happen to get this message:

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4 Responses to “An Open Letter to Senator Rand Paul, Republican/KY”

  1. lila1jpw Says:

    I know that you are deeply upset, but do please proof-read your article again!
    As a Canadian, I sit on the sidelines as the elephant rolls over in its sleep and hope that it will not crush the mouse beside it.

    • philosophicalscraps Says:

      I appreciate your help, and I hope I have caught at least the worst mistakes. I was writing in haste.

    • lila1jpw Says:

      You may notice that the Canadian PM trod rather softly around the touchy issue of NAFTA after Trump trumpeted about the Mexican participation. Mice can tiptoe I guess.

      • philosophicalscraps Says:

        I am sorry that the U.S. can seem like a clumsy and destructive elephant. I suppose some of that is inevitable, given the limits of group morality (Niebuhr’s Moral Man and Immoral Society has some insights that seem relevant). Still, at the very least the largest economy in the world should be mindful of the impact it has on others. After all, we are the largest economy in the world; we’re “winning” if that means anything. And if you’re winning, you shouldn’t whine that the game is “unfair” to you! What would happen if someone believes that whining and decides to actually reshape the world in a way that is more “fair” to everyone?

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